HylaFAX™ Example

The email below describes another organizations experience with HylaFAX™. This information was pulled from the HylaFAX™ mailing list archives which can be found at www.hylafax.org.


From: John Williams
Subject: Re: Is Hylafax able to recievee hundreds of facsimiles?

No problem.

We jave a hylafax server running on a pentium pro 200 for about towo years now. 30 Multitech modems on an Digiboard multitech board, receiving 6000 - 7000 pages per day. Incoming faxes average 2-3 pages. Outgoing volume is much less, but some are very large (up to 80 pages).

If that's not enough, we another server: Dual pentium II with a digiboard DataFire RAS card (48 onboard modems and a T1 connector). No stats on this one. It's supposed to replace to the first one, which is running so well, we just haven't bothered yet.


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